How you can support refugees this Christmas

Want to give a gift more meaningful than a pair of socks? Something that’s helpful, necessary and will make a tangible difference in someone’s life? Read on for four easy ways you can support refugees and displaced people over the festive season…


Give the gift of connection

For many, the festive season is about family and friends. In fact, spending quality time with loved ones is the most valuable gift we can receive. But for a refugee or displaced person, this is often not an option. Winter can feel bleak, long and lonely… but you can help change this. By buying a top-up voucher as a present this Christmas, you will be giving the gift of connection to a refugee or displaced person who may not have had contact with their family in months. It’s time to share the love!

Donate your Christmas

Feel like you really don’t need any more stuff this year? Struggling to think of gifts to ask for? Why not ask for donations to PC4R instead? This will help us provide top-ups to vulnerable refugees and displaced people in need, and will leave you with a warm, fuzzy glow that’ll be even cosier than new slippers. Promise.

Buy a PC4R tote bag

Need a fab present idea that not only looks good, but does good, too? We have just the thing! Our PC4R tote bags are surprisingly spacious and make a great Christmas gift. They’re also perfect if you’re looking to avoid single-use plastic. Every bag sold turns into phone credit to help a refugee family connect, and at just £12 (with free UK p&p), what are you waiting for? Order before 17th December to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

Send us your old phones

Getting a brand new phone for Christmas? Then send us your old one! We’re always happy to receive old mobiles, which we can pass on to a refugee or displaced person in need. Before sending, please ensure it’s unlocked. Have a phone to donate? Please email us for the address.

Thanks for being here with us this year - happy holidays to all who celebrate around the world!

With love

The Phone Credit for Refugees team