How you can help us grow

Connectivity is at the heart of all we do here at PC4R, and we are eternally grateful for the continued engagement of our ever-growing Facebook family.

Donations are the life-blood of our community, enabling us to provide vital phone top-ups to refugees and displaced people, and your online engagement goes a long way to ensuring these donations keep coming in. That means, even if you’re not in a situation where you’re able to donate right now, there’s still so much you can do online to show your support and ensure refugees are getting the credit they need.

Check out our run-down of the top five ways you can share the love for us online…

Add your friends!

Statistically speaking, we’re able to provide just over half a top-up to a displaced person in need for every group member we have. Which means more group members equals more top-ups. It really is that simple. Connection and growth are vital, so by adding your friends to our Facebook group, you truly are widening our community and making a huge difference. And when your friends start adding their friends, the magic really happens.

Like and comment on our Facebook posts

Not able to donate during a given week? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Every like and comment you make on our posts gives them a boost, meaning more people see them. So head on over and give us a virtual fist bump of solidarity on our Friday Conga!


Follow us on Instagram

Haven’t you heard? We’re on Instagram! We’re in the process of growing our communities across other social channels, so if you have an Instagram profile, do give us a follow @credit4refugees and like our posts. Who knows, your interactions could lead to a whole new circle of supporters and donors

Follow us on Twitter

Let’s hear it for the retweets! Yes… our Twitter community is also on the increase, so come and join us @credit4refugees, retweet our posts for all your followers to see, point people in the direction of our Facebook Conga, use the hashtag #weareallconnected and give us an ever-so-appreciated #ff each Friday.

Read, like, and share our blog posts

Our blog is back! So please check out our posts and remember, sharing is caring. By popping links to our posts on your own social feeds, more people will be able to read about what we do and why we do it. Plus, the more website hits we get, the higher we will start to appear in Google searches – so every click counts. Want to get involved with the blog? We’d love to publish your posts! From the reason you donate, to poetry and creative writing, to your own experiences as a refugee or volunteer, if you’d like to write for us, please get in touch!


With love,

The Phone Credit for Refugees team