Connecting on a personal level

Like many of you around the world, our Admin team spent Monday evening watching the heart-breaking new documentary, Human Flow. Although we are all used to hearing about the plight of refugees, there was something about the way that this film was made that really resonated - rather than focusing on individuals, this film was determined to show us the scale of the disaster, and it was as shocking and despairing as it sounds.

It is so easy to forget the human factor when talking about the refugee crisis. The word refugee can easily come to define an individual’s identity, as they become one in the sea of millions seeking safety. One of the most uplifting aspects of our community on Facebook is the way that it allows people to connect with refugees on an individual level. When we take credit requests, we’re not just processing data – we’re reaching out to someone on a human level, and trying to bring a bit of light and warmth into their lives.

Recently we asked our group what they would like to say to a refugee, if given the chance. The responses were beautiful, and we’ve shared some below.

I’d like to tell them that there’s hope, that just as they never imagined they would become a refugee, they will surely become things they can barely imagine now. Most of all I’d like let them know that there are thousands of people to whom this really matters. We may be far away, but we are connected.
When I feel down about the world, the political situation I’m living through, the lack of kindness our governments are showing, I look at this page and remember there are kind people in the world. That there is hope. I would want any displaced person to know that there is hope. There is kindness. There are strangers who care.
Don’t lose hope. You are brave people and will find your home.
I send you love, blessings & hope. With all my heart, I wish the best for your life - peace, warmth, safety & happiness with the people you love. We are far apart but we don’t forget you.
You are important! This is a horrible time but it will pass. You are special, you are unique and you are important.
I wish I could walk beside you and share your load. I wish I could give you half of my freedom. I’m so sorry that hard heartedness and nationalism is allowing you to be cold, alone, wet, tired, hungry and uncertain. I do what I can. You are seen by the Creator.

What about you? What would you like to say to a refugee?

With love,

The Phone Credit for Refugees Team